Why Texas Barbecue Beats NC Barbecue

Many great rivalries have been forged throughout history. Darth Vadar vs. Luke Skywalker, a match of fate pitting a father who has lost it all against his own son, a power struggle that would dictate the fate of an entire universe. Or how about the Ninja Turtles vs the Shredder? A feud was born in blood blood when the Shredder killed the master of Splinter. (Splinter being the Turtles master.) The turtles fight off the Shredder and his merciless foot clan, struggling to survive in … Read More

Why Running Is Good For You

running manIt’s a statement you hear a lot; running is good for you. Exercise in general is a good thing and people seem to find running particularly enjoyable. But is there actually evidence it is good for you or are they just jovial joggers who want to spread their sport?

The first thing I discovered when researching the topic was that there are some really cool running shoes available. There are even some for people with foot conditions such as flat feet and my friend found … Read More

How Sewing Machines Helped Women Become Entrepreneurs


Recently, a friend of mine was sorting some stuff from his grandmother’s house for her to see what worth selling and what wasn’t. In amongst all the trinkets and family photos, he discovered an old Singer sewing machine. It was still on its table with the ornate metal work legs and the foot pedal and probably with a bit of TLC could work again.

So it isn’t the best sewing machine on the market now, with them all being computerized and technical. But machines like … Read More

I Don’t Hate Fishing Anymore!

Whereas tilapia fish is one of my favorite meals that I can never do without, sometime back I used to hate fishing activities – seeing all those fishermen struggling in the lake trying to catch a few measly fish. Besides this, while along the shores of the lake, I heard about some boats capsizing following the persistent storms and waves. Call me a scaredy cat, I know.

 Fishing is one of the most interesting hobbies around

However, of late I have since realized that fishing … Read More

Thinking of the Previous Owners of Buried Treasure I Find

Treasure hunting is a fun and exciting thing to do. You find the most random things when you are treasure hunting. Sometimes you get very surprised about the wonderful things that you find. I can’t help to wonder about the previous owners and why they buried their things or maybe how they lost their possessions.

A very common place to find buried things is at the beach

A very common place to find buried things is at the beach. One day I was on vacation … Read More

Technology and it’s ‘impact’ on Baseball Bats

Although I have never held what was a one of the ‘original,’ baseball bats, I can guarantee it pales in comparison to what is available today. After reading the 2014 baseball bat reviews it’s clear that both at the junior level and major league level, improvements in technology have allowed players to hit the ball harder while having more control over their swing. I can imagine when baseball was first becoming a popular sport, finding a good quality baseball bat was a kind of frustrating … Read More

Development of Machine Guns

In 1914 rapid fire guns were still a fairly new introduction to the art of war. At the beginning of WWI machine guns were not ideal for infantry troops that advanced, as they weighed 66 pounds and upwards to over 100 pounds; and that was before the mountings, carriages and other supplies. Machine guns were definitely bulky, and not something that you would find stored in a home.

Image: Modern machine guns in action.

The machine gun could fire up to 600 rounds per … Read More

The thoughts I experience while road biking

Every little kid loves wheels. They love speed. This is one of the main reasons why they run around the house the whole day. Kids love to have skates, or roller blades. However, every kid’s favorite object to travel is a bike. Bikes are the perfect way to travel to places that are just around the corner or a distance away. No matter where you are going, you will most likely enjoy riding a bike. There are some people who never learned how to ride … Read More

What I’ve Learned About My Skin?

I’m fairly old now. I don’t say that with spit. I actually kind of like getting older. But there are a lot of things I know now that I wish I would have known when I was younger. In particular, there are tons of things I wish I would have known about my skin.

You see, I struggled with acne all through my teenage years, and that made middle school and high school (and even the first couple years of college) much tougher than they … Read More

Why Gun Rights Are Important To America

America’s fascination with guns has existed as long as, if not prior to the creation of this country. Going as far back as 1676 when laws were put on the books requiring settlers in the New World to keep firearms in their homes. The purpose of these firearms was to provide protection against the Native Americans who were trying to remove the settlers from their land.

Jump ahead in time 25 years, and you have the Kentucky rifle. This rifle quickly became the quintessential identifying … Read More